And we’re off…

Why start a blog? I think its the peer pressure. I don’t want to be the last pastor to have one I guess. I don’t know what I plan to put here either. I don’t think sermons will appear. I haven’t been working from a manuscript lately, and my notes are far to random for anyone to make sense out of. I’m going to set a goal of writing twice a week, one early and another late. So think Monday and Thursday.

For those not up to date on the last months in ministry, I’ll kick off with a brief telling of the story.

My former congregation, Faith Lutheran, left the ELCA. It was a difficult time for everyone involved, filled with conflict and anger. As things progressed, it became apparent that the community would not be able to stay as one congregation. This gave birth to a new ministry among those wanting to remain in the ELCA. For now, we are known as “Lutheran Mission of Seguin”. I know, not much of a name, but its on purpose. Some of us were kicking around ideas for the new congregation, and started talking about names. I suggested that we not name ourselves yet, that we might grow to regret something we decided on before we knew what our identity was becoming. So we picked the most generic name we could find. We started with worship services in the evening on December 19th and 26th, and had our first morning worship service on January 2, 2011. We are going strong. It is an exciting time to be doing mission work, and an amazing community has formed. We are active in the community, and doing lots of new ministries, including working to open the Christian Cupboard on Saturdays for the first time with the intent of creating access to nutritional support for the working poor.

The future is filled with uncertainty, but more than that, it is filled with hope and the promise that God is there, wherever there is.

Here are some links about what we’re doing: – from our synod newspaper


About Pastor Tim

I'm pastor of First Lutheran Church in San Marcos, TX. I'm also a husband and dad of two amazing boys.
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