Exploring Twitter… the character of Theology in 140 characters

I’ve gotten in to twitter. Thought it was going to be a fun thing to play with and maybe would be a way to communicate with church folks. And it may be. But I’ve also found a good deal of challenge. A friend was tweeting as Judas for Holy week, giving what might have been Judas’ thoughts on the whole scene. I got in to commenting on his thoughts. That friend (@rev_david) and some others I knew (@asacredrebel in particular) and I had some interesting, offbeat and sometimes goofy banter. The challenge came in keeping it to 140 characters. Tough. We’ve all heard the endless jokes about preacher’s endless rattling on. The thing is that those jokes wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t true. Preachers keeping it to 140 characters is a challenge. Some of it means it will be trite… but at the same time, I remember my preaching professor telling us “if you can’t get your theme into one sentence, it isn’t a theme that will drive a sermon”. So maybe if you can’t condense a thought to 140 characters, it needs more refining. Yes, we need to write longer stuff. But getting it in to a short intro is worth doing.


About Pastor Tim

I'm pastor of First Lutheran Church in San Marcos, TX. I'm also a husband and dad of two amazing boys.
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1 Response to Exploring Twitter… the character of Theology in 140 characters

  1. asacredrebel says:

    Love this! Great start

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