Christ is Risen!

He is risen indeed!  


Ok, here’s something I’m kicking around… What people we looking for for the Easter season? Or do even our regulars know there is an “Easter Season”?  We have in 7 Sundays in the season counting Easter Day.  That leaves six out in front of us before Pentecost.  There are some interesting themes in the readings that we may follow, but I’m wondering about worship style or other things.  This week the young people are leading lots of worship and we are focusing on Tanzania and the Goat Project work there.  The following (22nd) is our outdoor worship and picnic, the 29th is our “5th Sunday Benevolence / Outreach Ministry” day and we have Pastor Jennifer Gold preaching and sharing about Cross Trails, outdoor ministries, and the mission trips she has been organizing and will be growing that ministry.  Then in May we have Mother’s Day, Synod Assembly, and then Pentecost Sunday.  So worship-wise it is a busy stretch… what should it look like?  I have some ideas… but what thoughts come to anyone reading this?  


About Pastor Tim

I'm pastor of First Lutheran Church in San Marcos, TX. I'm also a husband and dad of two amazing boys.
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